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BREXIT has little impact on views in Europe

WIN GallupNew research from ORB International in conjunction with their partners at WIN/Gallup International  has found that despite the UK voting to start the process to leave the EU in June 2016, the impact in the rest of Europe appears to be minimal in the majority of countries.

The percentage of people in Germany, France and Belgium who would vote to leave has fallen from 12 months ago; those in Denmark and Sweden are also significantly less likely to vote to leave compared with a year ago.   However, on the reverse there has been significant increases in support to leave in Finland (up from 29% to 40%) and in Greece (up from 38% to 46%).   The large increase in support for leaving seen in Italy last year has been maintained in 2016 with 40% (down from 42%) preferring to leave.

When the study asked those in the UK how they would vote in a second referendum 54% said they would prefer to be a part of the EU and 46% preferring to remain out (down from the 54% recorded in our poll 12 months ago).  The Irish and the Spanish (both 20% voting to leave) are the most pro EU of those polled.

Has the Brexit vote in the UK delivered some optimism for the future?  Well our survey reveals 48% of the UK public believe the country is now heading in the right direction (a score which over the last few years would traditionally be closer to the 33% mark).  Optimism is most widespread in Ireland (62%) and Iceland (57%).    However for most in Europe, the view is that their countries are heading in the wrong direction, most noticeably in Greece (89%), France (82%) and Italy (79%)

Johnny Heald, Managing Director of ORB International

“2016 saw the EU foundations severely shaken.   Votes in Greece, Italy, Finland would create further uncertainty in the markets.   But what stands out also in the overwhelming view from EU citizens that their countries are heading in the wrong direction (most noticeable in France and Greece) which makes fertile ground for right-wing populist parties”

Sample Size and Mode of Field Work:

ORB interviewed a representative sample of 1000 adults throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland between 27th – 30th November 2016.  Fieldwork in other countries was also conducted online among nationally representative samples of adults from the 25th November – 7th December 2016.   The final data has been weighted in each country to ensure it is representative of the total adult population

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ORB International

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